Carlin Media specializes in creative solutions to your marketing opportunities.


Bruce Carlin began his career at WPTZ-TV, NBC 5 where he worked for 12 years from 1981 to 1993 in commercial production, public relations, promotion and sales. His success in sales was bittersweet as he missed the creative arts. It made sense to forge all of his experiences into his first business, Carlin Media Services. This full-service ad agency grew rapidly and led Bruce to become partners with media strategist and buyer Rick Dodge. Their partnership, Media Central, lasted 16 years from 1998 to 2014 and produced a vast array of projects with a wide range of clients. In 2014 Bruce and Rick dissolved the partnership, Rick to pursue media strategy and buying and graphic design services, while Bruce returned to his main passion, media production. Bruce and Rick continue to work on projects together with each concentrating on their specialties.


Build compelling, creative and effective solutions in the most appropriate media, on-time and within budget.


Carlin Media is experienced in video, audio, print, and web projects that have translated into effective marketing tools across an entire range of media. From fundraising videos to national websites, from tv and radio commercials to documentaries, Carlin Media is ready, willing and able to help in all aspects of strategy, creative, development and marketing. 


Carlin Media has vast experience in the transfer of video and audio tapes, photographs and slides into digital form helping thousands of consumers preserve and share their precious memories.

"Everything you need in this life is around you, you just have to be able to find it."

Bruce Carlin, Owner